The Sacred Elephant of Asia

Volunteer Veterinarian Care Program 


We  join Sri Lanka's Department of Wildlife (DWC) and Myanmar Timber Enterprise vets in the field learning about their challenges and techniques. We also survey captive elephant populations, offering services as requested or appropriate. Knowledge sharing between Western and SE Asia vets is valuable.

Examples of our Work:

Horrifically, the Minister of Wildlife recently announced that he will open the gate of world renown Pinnawala orphanage (actually a zoo) and provide free elephants to specific temples that request them. Elephants will now also be available for purchase by private individuals for $60,000. Irrespective of this, this past year, in tandem with Otara (a well known conservationist), we met with the Director of Wildlife Health (at his request) to discuss improvements to Pinnawala. Our team collaborates with the DWC  on site visits, We have generated an enrichment plan for the facility and will followup to enable its implementation, as is politically possible. 

​We work with Sri Lanka's DWC vets in the field, including Dr. Nehal (in Ampara) and Dr. Chanadana (Anuradhapura). This collaboration in the field is valuable for all parties, as our vets learn about Sri Lanka's standard vet practices, while also acclimatization for work/living in Sri Lanka.

We travel to sanctuaries, tourist facilities, temples, jungle and logging elephant camps in Sri Lanka and  Myanmar, respectively, as we survey the elephants, providing care as needed or allowed. 

Our Report about Pinnawala can be found here: 

The status of Myanmar's logging elephants is found here: