Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (est. 1995): has up to ten elephants occupying 2,800 acres.  They are housed among 3 barns over 3 separate habitat areas. There is a maintenance staff of 8, a veterinarian and vet tech, and 15 caregivers (volunteers and others). TES doesn't host regular public visitation. 

Elephant Sanctuaries in USA 

TEMBO Reserve (Near Red Bluff, currently placed on hold)  was proposed for bringing all of Oakland Zoo's elephants to sanctuary.  It has been put on hold. This project was Made possible by a philantropic gift from gift from Roger and Ann McNamee

The Sacred Elephant of Asia

PAWS - Performing Animal Welfare Society (San Andreas, est. 1984): Has up to 11 elephants on 100 acres, with plans to upgrade in Galt to 2,300 acres. They hold limited public workshops and scheduled visits.

Georgia Elephant Refuge (under construction) will be home to as many as 10 female elephants retired from zoos and circuses. This facility spans 850 acres of gentle rolling hills, lush pastures, dense forests, spring-fed lakes, creeks and streams, with a climate that will allow elephants to remain outdoors 24/7 almost all the year. It is the perfect place for elephants to regain their “elephantness” and develop loving bonds with other elephants and caregivers.