The Sacred Elephant of Asia

Myanmar (Burma) and ReDeployment of Logging Elephants

There are 2500 newly unemployed logging elephants in Burma - unemployed because of new anti-logging laws. What to do with them all? Human/elephant conflict is also growing. Burma is “the land of the elephants’ and while tourism has opened up, there is little to no elephant tourism options. Although the Rohingya crisis and genocide is gut wrenching, the elephants still need help and thus, we will continue our work. We are collaborating with local conservationists, an investor and the Vihara Collective to re-deploy the timber elephants on forest patrols. Tourists will walk alongside the elephants and pay for the privilege. The mahouts would be bareback riding, with radios, perhaps a ranger or security official would join. Tourist fees would pay their salaries and elephant care expenses.