Two Becomes Five

Continuing to rise before the sun, our film crew is scouring the countryside for elephants. We are in luck, as they seem to be multiplying...while focused on two contentedly feeding near the roadside, three more converge in a grassy wet bog behind us. This area near Arugam Bay appears as a ripe habitat for luxuriant elephant living! 

Accidents Will Happen

Investigation of an injured elephant brought us to a remote village and unfolding tragedy. 2:31 min

SavingGanesh: The iPhone Diaries

​The film crew of 2014/15 formed a tight bond - collaborating on  various projects while on a heart felt journey of discovery of Sri Lankan and Indian culture and the plight of the elephants.  15:00 min

"From Garbage to Nirvana"

Dambulla, in central Sri Lanka, hosts the Golden Temple of Dambulla, which is a World Heritage Site. But, to our crew it's also remembered for the Garbage Elephants. The garbage dump is not protected from the elephants, as law requires. Electric fence is broken or entirely missing here and the elephants consume massive quantities of plastics, which can lead to clogged intestines and a painful death.

Short Films and Videoblogs

Elephants: The Captive, the Free and the Mad

Having interviewed a local merchant we arise early the next morning to film elephant incursions between farmers fields to the north, and a huge new marina complex being built to the south, in Hambantota. Standing atop an often-broken fence, Loren is in prime range to film. However, no elephants show themselves this morning. Onward to the Uda Walawe Elephant Transit Home, where orphaned elephants are filmed during their afternoon feeding. Arugam Bay finds us face to face with a charging bull elephant - we escape via our van and are ever more respectful of the power of an elephant. Healed bullet wounds are filmed on this bull's hide - perhaps a big reason for his hatred of humans.

Featured Short Film

Courting Elephants of Sri Lanka

Pastoral scenes of elephant play in Minneria National Park. 2:30  min

Anurandhapura Elephant Capture

​The death of two villagers in the ancient city brought the DWC to the scene to relocate the maurading elephant.  This is the first time ever that a tied-up elephant has been pulled across a river by the rangers of Sri Lanka.  Heroic efforts indeed.          6:40 min


Following a tough day for the crew (see previous video "Gratefully Sad"), we all enjoy a day on a jungle safari with DWC Rangers - seeing live wild elephants.

Gearing Up
After having just arrived in Sri Lanka, the crew spends their first full day on this paradise island working on doors.  Bugs are being worked out and the crew will soon be ready to survey the culture and elephants of Sri Lanka.  

"Death to Life"

After witnessing the aftermath of a train/elephant collision the previous day, our crew goes on safari and finds dozens of happy and healthy elephants.  Prod. by Scott Elnes.

Throwback Thursday! Every Thursday we play videoblogs produced by our film crew from past work in Sri Lanka and India....

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Sharing the Harvest

Sri Lankan culture is changing -- becoming Westernized.  We track down the highest monk in the country, speak with conservation leaders, and a senior DWC veterinarian about how and why things have changed.  Solutions are illusive.      12:12 min

Daily Scenes in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

The Story: The images of daily life in the Arugam Bay area are beautifully captured by Loren, and it needs no words. The music is also written, produced and recorded by Loren.

Daily Scenes in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Kumana National Park is located near Arugam Bay on the Southeast coast. There is prolific wildlife living in and around the Park. Loren captures their images and describes his experience there. The sense of place and the people who live there - keeping shop, and preparing food for our crew, is also lovingly filmed.

Post Number Two

This Story:  First Scenes of Sri Lanka - Hikkaduwa,.  Our gracious host serves us tea,  fishermen ply traditional methods nearby.  The crew rests in preparation for much adventure to come.

Throwback Thursday! Every Thursday we play videoblogs produced by our film crew from past work in Sri Lanka and India....

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Cash or Charge

On this day we've spread our crew out along the often-broken fence separating farmer's fields from a new marina complex being built along Sri Lanka's southern shoreline. We saw much evidence of damage, but nothing happened this morning for our anxious cameramen. However, as we approach Arugam Bay on the East coast, we come upon several elephants, and apparently too closely, as we are charged by a huge bull elephant. 

​31 Hours to Sri Lanka

This videoblog is produced by Scott Elnes: Scott spent several years as a colorful weatherman on Seattle and Anchorage television - he also produced many popular videoblogs during this time. 

Post Number Two

This Story:  First Scenes of Sri Lanka - South of Hikkaduwa toward Matara,.  Colorful Sri Lankan culture on full display and Loren beautifully capture it.   Original music by Loren.

Two Becomes Five

"I Want Kandy" is produced by Scott Elnes. The film tour takes us to the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, where "Ceylon Tea" is grown. The Sacred Temple of The Tooth in Kandy is visited. The scenery is breathtaking, as is the company.

Post Number One

This videoblog and many in this category are produced by Loren Wheeler, who usually uses his original music as a soundtrack. Loren is a multi-talented artist - prolific songwriter and musician, as well as cinematographer, poet, and painter. This video - his first in a series of 20, includes scenes from his going away party; his thoughts about friends, and his excitement about the opportunity to do work in Sri Lanka. Excited, yet anxious - he will experience plenty over the next 5 weeks traveling and filming in Sri Lanka and India.

Two Becomes Five

Continuing to rise before the sun and set off for another day searching for wild elephants, Scott is disheartened when his MacBook Pro computer dies. He doesn't miss a beat tho as he turns to his iPhone 6 for filming and editing his videoblogs. The crew heads from Arugam Bay up into the Hill country, where we will spend several days

"The Railroad Collision": Expanding upon last week's videoblog by Scott Elnes, we witness the aftermath of the killing...

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Hambantota, Sri Lanka
Thie Story:  Scenes from Hambantota, Sri Lanka.  Crew member, Loren spoke to farmers and merchant who'd had recent encounters with elephants, as well as documenting damages done only a few days earlier.

Loss of a Child

We are notified by the Department of Wildlife (DWC) that a tragic collision between a train and an elephant had occurred the previous evening. We arrive to learn that the train had derailed and two elephants were killed. The train track was even seriously damaged. The people in the village, the railroad workers and all of us grieved for the loss of a baby elephant and sibling - the emotion is palpable. We learned that the train conductor was illegally speeding through this elephant corridor. Usually a DWC ranger is picked up before the corridor and dropped off afterward - all in the name of monitoring the train's speed. On this fateful night, the ranger had been called to other duties and the train conductor far surpassed the speed limit. Two innocent endangered elephants were killed as a result. 

Five Years Unchecked Development

Development in  Southern  Sri Lanka has been swift and catastrophic for the elephants.  We discuss the plight and cause of the problems.   2:31 min

Gratefully Sad

Scott discovers the plight of "Temple Elephants," who are chained to trees with little room to move. Scott is conflicted by the inhumane treatment of the elephants - at Buddhist Temples no less, and asks: "would He [Buddha] approve of such treatment?."