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Founded: 2014

Director: Philip Price 

Formerly of Sound Ecologic (formed 1991),  Sound Remedial Tech. Inc.  (1995)., & GeoWandering.com (2010)


Areas of expertise:  Conservation,  Science

Filmmaking, Writing, Guiding,

Logistics Coordination, Social Media

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka::  Recognized as hosting the world’s largest collection of captive elephants, several years ago Pinnawala changed from being an orphanage to a place catering only to tourists.  We are collaborating with government officials to enrich the habitat

Hambantota, Sri Lanka: The massive new developments here is an existential threat to elephant survival in the south of Sri Lanka. We continue to work with the  farmers and villagers with regard to HEC, including documenting the effectiveness of elephant deterrence tools we’ve provided to farmers in the past.

Elephant Detention Center for Bull Elephants: 
The  largest and most elephant-proof compounds ever built, the new 2,500 acre center is located between Poḷonnaruwa and Ampara, and is one of the DWCs most substantive undertakings. The facility, as operated, is not working - we are assisting. 

Wind Torch - Elephant Deterrence Tools: We innovated and are producing a wind activated device that mimics a farmer holding a flashlight, keeping elephants from crop raiding. Testing is ongoing in Karnataka and Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lankan wild elephants are going Extinct, Keralan Temple Elephants are abused and Myanmar Logging Elephants need sustainable lives - SavingGanesh.org is on task!
Reports show that there were 12,000 wild elephants in Sri Lanka in 1990, and only about 4,000 today.  There have been nearly 300 confirmed elephant deaths in each of the past 5 years.   Nearly everyday we lose an elephant unnecessarily.  With only 4,000 of this species remaining, we must act now - and we are!

Creating new and ethical tourism models for captive elephants is necessary in Southeast Asia and we are surveying the field and recommending facilities that meet our standards. We are disgusted by the temple elephant parade industry of Kerala, India and are battling to stop its expansion.

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