The Sacred Elephant of Asia

Jan 2018: Collaboration with Director Wildlife Health (Sri Lanka) - Bull Retention Center

April 2018: New milk formula being developed for orphaned elephants. 


The Lives We Impact

Film about Pinnawala (10min)

Feb 2018: Myanmar vet tour and ethical tourism promotion

Film Archive

Dec 2017: Pinnawala orphanage (Sri Lanka). Enhancement focus.  EleCARE Veterinarian tour. 

Filmmakers, News Media, Veterinarians & Volunteers

We provide the logistical, translator, and expert support necessary to complete projects in a timely and economical manner.  We are always on the front lines and are devoted to our elephants. We support tour companies thru our sister organization

Our Misson

Sri Lankan wild elephants are going Extinct!

Reports show that there were 12,000 wild elephants in Sri Lanka in 1990, and only about 4,000 today.  There have been nearly 300 confirmed elephant deaths in each of the past 5 years.   Nearly everyday we lose an elephant unnecessarily.  With only 4,000 of this species remaining - we must act now! 

Film about Ethical Tourism (recent) 

  • We work alongside the veterinarians, rangers and farmers in the field.
  • We provide the backstory - expediting your goals - journalism or film.
  • Your contributions help us continue our work as a non-profit.
  • and much more....

Elephants are sacred in the cultures of Asia - through film, social media, science and spiritual understanding, we serve as a channel to bridge modern concepts with old traditions.

"You become immediately relevant and influential in conservation."

We are Elephant Conservationists

We have a unique model for saving elephants and are passionate about our work. In Sri Lanka, we often embed ourselves with DWC's rangers and veterinarians.   In Karnataka, India we are conducting cutting-edge pilot studies of new technologies for elephant deterrence and forage enhancement.  In Myanmar we are guiding new elephant-centered businesses toward ethical operations. 


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We are a group of impassioned individuals, including volunteer filmmakers, veterinarians, wildlife biologist, naturalists and sustainable scientists. We provide a platform for this diverse group to apply their unique skill sets, and through collaborative spirit, we are empowered to improve the welfare of elephants.