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Conservation filmmakers and scientists, supported by interns, students and special guests. 

Blockading Elephant of Bandipur, 2min

Our Founder’s First Assignment in Sri Lanka was in 1998
("Elephants of Paradise," CameraQ)

The Farmer and his Flashlight - Deterrence Strategies

The Gift of a Torch...The Flashlight. The flashlight is perhaps the greatest nighttime deterrence a farmer can have against an elephant. SavingGanesh has manufactured a wind activated flashlight which, when hung from a branch or other support, mimics a farmer's actions and deters elephants from crop raiding.

Posted by SavingGanesh - The Sacred Wild Elephant of Asia on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We funded his transport to safety

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​​Our Mission: 
We use the power of film and technology to bring awareness and provide solutions to the plight of the Asian elephants..

Sri Lankan wild elephants are going Extinct!

Reports show that there were 12,000 wild elephants in Sri Lanka in 1990, and only about 4,000 today.  There have been nearly 300 confirmed elephant deaths in each of the past 5 years.   Nearly everyday we lose an elephant unnecessarily.  With only 4,000 of this species remaining - we must act now!

Our on-going work includes:

The iPhone Diary


Farmer and his Flashlight 5min


A Final Plea

we are a fully registered nonprofit 501c3 

Message from our Founder, Philip Price

The Elephant Issues


We are Elephant Conservationists

We have a unique model for saving elephants and are passionate about our work. We provide a platform for talented filmmakers and scientists to join us with their own passion and skills. In Sri Lanka, we often embed ourselves with DWC's rangers and veterinarians.   In Karnataka, India we are conducting cutting-edge pilot studies of new technologies for elephant deterrence and forage enhancement. 

Our story is rich and getting richer.  Hear our tales, view our films, and support us in taking Direct Action! 




The Blockading Elephant of Bandipur charges the jeep up to 6 times - in a seemingly playful game of "pay me in bananas - toll." Our group spent 3 nights just south of here in a jungle lodge within the super rich habitat of Mudumalai National Park. Elephants, spotted deer, wild boar, peacock, and sambar are often spotted right outside our door. Tiger tracks are prevalent, and the resident naturalist, Arun, says black panther are often seen.

Posted by SavingGanesh - The Sacred Wild Elephant of Asia on Friday, January 8, 2016

Origins of Saving Ganesh